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Margaret and Rosemary Playford
"Moving into the Ballina Aspen Community over three years ago has been a very happy experience for us. It is not always easy to find suitable accommodation for two single people as most villages think in terms of couples or people living alone. Our lovely Aspen home is ideal for us. We've been able to continue with our interests in the local area without having to worry about maintenance in and around our home. We have chosen to look after our own garden, which is enjoyable".

Margaret and Rosemary
Roy and Marjorie Watson
"We are newer residents of the Aspen LV Ballina Village having moved into our villa eight months ago in October 2010. We have come to know most of the residents of the village and are very pleased with the harmony and friendship that exists.

In the negotiations to buy into our villa and take up residence we were given every assistance by Sales Rep Kevin and Manager Todd and made to feel very welcome.

The appearance and tidiness of the village common areas are a credit to the groundsman Leon. Our visitors have all been most impressed with our home and the attractiveness of the Aspen Village.

The recent setting up of a Residents Social Committee is a welcome addition to the life and activities for the residents within the village.

We are very content and happy with our new life here at Aspen LV Ballina".

Roy and Marjorie Watson
John and Mary Doohan
"Mary and I have been living at Aspen Ballina for three and a half years now.  We are very happy with our home and the village itself and its entire staff.  This village is situated very strategically as we are very close to shops, hospital, Dr's, and the main town of Ballina, which is only 3 k from the village.  There is very little that you cannot buy here and we have some of the big stores close by".

Come and join us you will not regret your move.

John and Mary Dooha
David and Sheila Turner
"We took up residence in this village just over one year ago. We were greeted very warmly by the staff and other residents and we are very pleased to be part of the community, everyone is so friendly. The villa is spacious enough for our needs, the appliances are of the finest around - and - a definite selling point for us was permission for us to keep our friendly 'companion animal' (a small cat) which we accommodate in a specially built outdoor room, which we organised ourselves, following a very quick application and approval process to Aspen. David has a problem with mobility and has to use a wheelchair; however, this village - and - the villas are very wheelchair friendly. We have and will continue to voice our favourable opinion of this village".   
Come and join us, it's perhaps one of the best things we've ever done...
David and Sheila.
Robert and Dorris Reese.
"We have lived in the "Aspen Village" for 3 years now and in all that time we have formed some wonderful friendships- outings and get togethers. We love the security in the village- which is a big issue these days and we wouldn't live anywhere else and I must say the staff are so helpful and try to please you in every way. See you in the near future!!"

Robert and Dorris Reece

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